More or less my favorite thing on the internet recently: Over the past several weeks, Twitter user @Bitchuation (aka Steven Soderbergh) has been tweeting quotes from movies that, as far as I can tell, don’t exist.

(He throws in some real movies here and there, but the lines he uses tend to be mundane, out of context, and/or slightly misquoted.)

All the quotes, both imaginary and real, are compiled in sequence on Storify. Eighty so far.

“I don’t know what the effective ratio would be, but I’ve always had some sort of intuition that for every hour you spend in the company of other human beings, you need ‘x’ number of hours alone. Now, what ‘x’ represents I don’t really know; it might be two and seven-eighths or seven and two-eighths, but it is a substantial ratio.”

— Glenn Gould, who would have turned 82 today.